..: Goodbye 3rd Grade

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Goodbye 3rd Grade

                         1st day of 3rd grade                                                             Last day 

Our not so little Jon is now onto fourth grade, this past year I feel like he has really grown a lot. I can't believe we have a fourth grader! It feels like just yesterday I was holding his hand walking him into preschool, I was the one crying and Jon was telling me it's ok I can leave now.  I've seen a lot of growth in him this last year and he's really coming into his own.  The way he handles some situations or when he's talking to his cousins, I sit back and observe him and just think wow.

I knew at the beginning of the year I was worried how he would do from going to a modern school in the bay area for the last 3 years that had all kinds of programs and activities. To school here in Sacramento, where from where I remember were always getting budget cuts and had no activities because of lack of funding. His school is great though we made a good choice. They have a lot of parent and teacher involvement. They also have a lot of different clubs which the students alternate every 3 months to try different things Jon likes it and has made a lot of friends. 

Have a nice day!