..: Weekend Snaps

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekend Snaps

This past weekend our nephew graduated from middle school now he is onto high school. I remember meeting him when he was just around two running around in diapers. I definitely did know back then I would get to see him grow up into a little man.

Saturday morning I went to go buy some donuts from Marie's Donuts it was just voted #1 donut shop in the Sacramento area. It tasted ok, I don't know what the big deal is. I tried the cinnamon roll and it had the just slightest taste of cinnamon. Then for good measure I tried their blueberry donut it did melt in my mouth, but again not much for flavor. The prices are reasonable and the staff was nice, so I'll probably go back and try an apple fritter. Saturday night Julian's job had a meet up with the managers and the sale staff at an indoor racing place. Happy employee's work hard.

Sunday the boys went fishing and actually caught something. Julian usually takes Jon and our nephew, they are usually out there for a couple hours and come back with nothing. They were super excited they finally caught something. Later on we had a barbecue and I finally got to eat some guacamole, I have been craving all week.

Have a nice day!