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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Train Hard Look Awesome

My friend Yesenia and I decided to train for a 5k. I was reading Fit Magazine over the weekend and they had a page  30 days to a 5k. Walk 15 to 25 minutes a day mixed with some cardio some days, it seemed pretty simple for beginners like us. And here in Sacramento we have tons of different trails. I like having a change of scenery, which is why I hate going to the gym or working out at home I like being outdoors. We started Monday, it was Julian's day off so he also joined us, but instead of walking 15-25 minutes we walked 8 long miles. It didn't even seem that long you get so wrapped up in conversation and the scenery. The last mile was probably the worst we were all complaining about our back, shoulders or feet. Then we all looked at each other and laughed because we sounded like old people complaining about our achy muscles. 

Even while working out I still like to look nice it makes me feel really good after a great workout, compared to when I wear big frumpy sweats. 





Have a Fab Day!!


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