..: Weekend Snaps

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Snaps

We had a super busy weekend and Monday which is why I'm posting my weekend snaps a day late. Saturday we had a play date with my friend Shelly and her daughters and son. I told them last week they should come over to swim, come Saturday her daughters were sure to remind her. We splashed around for a couple hours before we had to get ready to go to San Jose for one of Julian's childhood best friends birthday party.

Sunday Jon had a play day with a friend from school they also ended up going swimming, but we had to cut it short because we had to leave to Stockton by 3:00. My niece was doing her communion and Julian was her sponsor, so we had to go to mass and they had to do a practice run. On our way home I finally got my Sonic's chocolate shake, I've been craving since last summer.

Monday was HOT 104!!! it was communion day for my niece, we had to be in Stockton again. We had a family dinner, some yummy cupcakes everyone complained about how hot it was. We had mass again and my niece did her communion, it was so hot in the church all the kids were pretty cranky and could not stay still. We went back to my sister in laws house for more food and more cupcakes than back home. We got home around 10:45 pm and Julian and I were seriously thinking of going for a late swim it was still so hot.

Waiting for mommy to come back with floaties

Cupcake delivery

Julian sweating in church :)

What did you guys do this weekend?  I hope you guys have a fabulous week!!


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