..: Tech Talk-How to put links in a blogger comment

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tech Talk-How to put links in a blogger comment

This has been something that has been on my mind for a while. Every time I go onto someone's blog and I go to leave a comment, I look at other comments and they have their name with a link to their blog. It looks so much nicer. I always thought I wonder how they do that, I would make a mental note and store that in my I need to look that up file. I cant believe how simple it is all you have to do is enter a simple html code.

This is how my comments use to look like 

Enter this html code in the comment section <a href="your URL">your WORDS</a>
 Hit publish and that is all, told you easy. Now your comments will look so much nicer!

Im not really new to this whole blogging thing I have been doing it for a while. But now I want to start taking my blog to another level. Really focus more of my time, rather than just the random post once a month I was use to doing.

People I know in my real life don't really seem to know or understand how much work goes into blogging.(Side note- I really need to meet other bloggers in my area). If your a blogger you know what I mean it can take hours to edit and make sure your post is perfect before it goes live. It's even harder for mom bloggers like myself, that can only do it during nap times or before bed. Because nothing is more annoying than me writing a post and Juli comes around and smacks my key board.

I want to share with you guys everything I learn. Im currently taking some computer courses, right now i'm learning about html (I know i'm really starting from the beginning). I want to post something once a week, even if its something simple. Sometimes its the simplest thing that I want to change on my blog to remove something or add something. When I finally find something on how to do it, I'm usually amazed at how easy it was to do it. Like putting a link in a blog comment.

Have a nice day! Halloween is tomorrow yay!!!