..: Pretty in Lace

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pretty in Lace

Hope you guys are enjoying your lovely Saturday. This lace dress I got as a Christmas present last year from Julian. I wore it this last weekend to Juliana's birthday. I think its just super pretty and feminine, and it helps that its flattering to all this weight i've been gaining.  I need to get myself together and get back on track again.

I bought this E-book it's called 4 weeks to fit and gives you a grocery list and  full meal plans for four weeks and an extra three weeks. Im starting it next week along with regular exercise. See if that helps me get back on track. Its been so hard especially since I stopped working. Even though the kids do keep me busy, its just been so hard for me to find a routine and find some balance. I think i'm going to video vlog when I start, on my Youtube channel.

Outfit Details
Lace dress: Forever21+
Blazer & Tights: Target
Booties: H&M
Watch: Random L.A Boutique 

Until next time...