..: Juliana Turns 3

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Juliana Turns 3

Our Juliana finally turned 3!! It was her 1st big party we had for her with all our family and friends. Juli had a lot of fun, we all did! I really wish I would have got better pictures, but it was so hectic that day. I was lucky that I had time to eat. 
She's into everything, its funny people were asking me what would she like for her birthday. And she is into anything from baby dolls to hot wheels and Spiderman cant for get him. Im very excited to see what the next year brings with a three year old. She is still a ball full of energy. Ive noticed these last couple weeks, she has become a bit whiny and does not like to share. Im not sure if thats just a phase, but we need to work on that. We did not have that problem with Jon. So do any of you have any tips or suggestions?? 
Of course everyone kept asking us when we are going to have another one, but honestly I think we are done. We have a healthy boy and girl, what more could we ask for. I know we are both in our late 20's and might be too young to say we are done, but Julian is focusing on his career, i'm going back to school full time. Jon is in school all day and has after school activities,  Juli will be hopefully starting preschool in the fall. We believe our family is complete.

Have a nice day!