..: The Chair I Found

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Chair I Found

In the old apartment building we use to live in they had an area where residents could leave furniture they did not want anymore. It's a wonderful place for someone who likes to up cycle.  Reminds me of all the furniture I had to leave behind, when we made our move. It didn't all fit in the U-haul, but lets not open that can of worms. I had picked up this chair in that pile when I was dropping something off. Julian looked at me like I was crazy, you have to excuse him he has no imagination. Oh, but when I saw that chair I couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities. It was just an adorable chair, perfect for Juliana's room and it was just her size.

That was six months ago that I found that chair, when we moved I just shoved it in the shed and thought i'll deal with you later. Early December I found myself driving by a Hobby Lobby and had to stop for a quick peak. I could spend hours in that place. I came out with this fabric print at 40% off, I picked up two yards. I paid maybe about $5.00 for the fabric. It was perfect for the chair that I found all those months ago. I know it's a busy print, but the plan is to keep everything else in Juli's room pretty simple. The legs I just spray painted them, with some left over turquoise spray paint.

I also changed the padding obviously, and I should really invest in a good staple gun. It was not very fun using my $12.00 one I bought at Walmart. Total time it took me about 2 hours. 


What do you guys think? Not to bad right for my first time doing upholstery.

Have a great day!!